Make single use plastics a thing of the past with reusable coffee cups, water bottles, plastic free glasses, sustainable bowls. Take a drink with you wherever you go so you don’t have to buy any bottles or use non-recycleable takeaway cups. We have a great range of coconut bowls, eco-friendly coffee mugs, sustainable cotton bags perfect for on the go or for a family outdoor activity.

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The importance of reusable products

Trade single-use paper cups with any of these reusable coffee cups for a more sustainable and eco-friendlier way of enjoying your cup of fresh coffee. Don't forget about our reusable silicone straws which are the perfect plastic free alternative for your kids juice box or your own use.

When comes on family time nothing compares with an outdoor activity, such a picnic, a woodland walk or even maybe a festival with your friends. Don't forget, everything small gesture counts. Replace the single plastic use cups with a stainless steel cup or a reusable glass coffee cup; get a coconut bowl instead of our supermarket single use plates.

All of our reusable cotton bags are made from naturally grown, ethically sourced cotton fibres. They’re lightweight and can be folded flat, so could be easily stored into your bag or coat, perfect for your daily or weekly shopping.