Wooden Clothes Pegs 20 pack

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  • Made of 100% FSC® certified beech wood and a steel spring
  • Compostable
  • Plastic free
  • Length: 7cm
  • Made in Europe

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Item Description

A pack of 20 Wooden Clothes Pegs. Made of FSC® certified beech wood and a steel spring. These pegs are packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box and come 100% plastic-free. An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pegs. These pegs can be composted and the steel spring can be separated and will degrade or can be recycled. Unlike plastic pegs, they will not pollute the environment after use. Made in Europe

How to use and dispose

To prolong the life of the wooden clothes pegs, keep dry in-between use and are compostable within your own house.

Interesting facts about wooden clothes pegs

The first patented design that resembles the modern spring-hinged peg was invented in 1853 – made with two wooden ‘levers’ attached together by a metal spring, this peg was designed to open and close so it would pinch the washing to the line, rather than wedging it.

The basic design hasn’t changed very much since then, but modern pegs tend to be made of plastic rather than wood these days. These are most cheaply made and tend to become brittle after while, especially if are exposed to the elements. Even though wooden pegs can tend to go black in time are a better alternative to plastic pegs and are more durable, eco-friendly and most importantly, compostable.

Did you know? As of 2015, more than 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste had been generated. Around 9 percent of that was recycled, 12 percent was incinerated, and 79 percent accumulated in landfills or environment.



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