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Your Favourite Eco Store.

  Our beloved store – IORGREEN STORE was created as a response to his owners struggle to find plastic free alternatives to daily products, but most importantly because of world’s plastic pollution and waste epidemic that the big chains supermarkets are a large part of. The current form of consumption is no longer sustainable, causing environmental damage, especially when we are talking about the plastic packaging, one use plastics that most of high street brands and supermarkets are using for their everyday business and all the changes we need to take to reduce this plastic consumption.

  At Iorgreen, we want to invite people to do their part in taking care of our only planet. Each of us, we can make a difference. Reducing our daily life waste through eliminating plastics, buying in bulk and supporting natural and local products where is possible. We can influence big chains and communities by doing the first step, a small step. We can strengthen our community behavior and reduce dependence on plastic wrapping and packaging. 

  It’s simple, we believe in humanity and the change that is possible when we come together to act in favor of ourselves and our planet.


Some of our targets for 2022:

1500 +
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New Sustainable Brands
"We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”
Anne Marie Bonneau.

Here are some interesting facts that drive us to do what we do.